South Surrey Area Schools

Please see below for all the South Surrey area schools listed alphabetical in the following categories: Elementary Schools, High Schools & Private Schools.

Elementary Schools  (A-Z)

Bay Ridge Elementary
1730 142nd Street, Surrey
Tel: 604-531-8082
Bay Ridge provides an authentic learning opportunity across its curriculum through the use of technology.  They have an impressive computer lab and a mobile cart for students to use of iPads and iBooks during class.  They also offer two musical productions each year and have athletic teams available for students to join.

Chantrell Elementary School
2575 137th Street, Surrey
Tel: 604-535-6708
Chantrell Creek is a school known for their strong parental support.  Together with their varied extra-curricular programs and their involved student leadership program, Chantrell Creek focuses on social responsibility and literacy.  Extracurricular sports are also a passion of this school and are offered for willing students to join and participate. 

Crescent Park Elementary School
2440 128th Street, Surrey
Tel: 604-535-9101
École Crescent Park has a direct focus on improving student numeracy skills, problem solving and reading.  They are active in athletic programs and have both primary and intermediate school choirs. Providing French immersion, ESL, and special needs École Crescent Park is equipped for all student needs. 

East Kensington Elementary
2795 184th Street, Surrey
Tel: 604-541-1257
East Kensington is a small district hertiage school with a unique learning experience emphasing on traditional reading, writing, and arithmetric. Tjere is also a strong importance on social responsibility and technology. They teach children to be proactive about learning and physical education.  

Hall’s Prairie Elementary
18035 - 8th Avenue, Surrey
Tel: 604-538-1083
Hall's Prairie provides essential learning for all afes through the use if technology, and a safe and caring environment. It's known for its accomplishments in environmental studies as it's created a school-wide environmental club. This club studies the nature of community wetlands, streams stewardship, salmon enhancement; as well as the use of school gardens, tree grove and naturalistic mural instructional resources. 

H.T. Thrift Elementary
1739 148th Street, Surrey
Tel: 604-536-8712
H. T. Thrift is a school that concentrates its attention on developing students’ ability to work with information technologies.  It fosters respect (through Effective Behaviour Support) and understanding while providing a safe and accessible learning environment.  They are also noted for their Terrific Kids recognition program and swimming and skating program for all students. 

Jessie Lee Elementary
2064 154th Street, Surrey
Tel: 604-531-8833
Jessie Lee is constantly creating a learning and evolving atmosphere for its students.  They do this by challenging their students to express creativity, leadership, responsibility and incorporating parent participation.  All classes are equipped with iMacs and children experience Fit Kids twice a week and a weekly run.  Fitness also includes ice skating, swimming, dancing (Gr.6 & 7) and district sport activities. 

Laronde Elementary
1880 Laronde Drive, Surrey
Tel: 604-536-1626
École Laronde implements programs that support students to pursue and be recognized for academic, artistic and athletic growth and excellence.  The school climate is designed to motivate students for learning while promoting respectful attitudes and caring for people.  This French immersion school gives all pupils the opportunity to learn both French and English languages.

Morgan Elementary
3366 156A Street, Surrey
Tel: 604-531-8426
Morgan has received the monthly Mustang Award to recognize consistent positive behaviours in primary students and has high achievements in student reading, writing and numeracy.  They also offer comprehensive leadership program for students in grade 5 to 7 as well as public speaking competition and recycling mentorship to all pupils.  Morgan is also noted for their active participation in athletic programs which include cross-country, volleyball, basketball and track and field.

Ocean Cliff Elementary
12550 20th Avenue, Surrey
Tel: 604-538-1770
Ocean Cliff was opened in September of 1990 and has been not only a school for developing a child’s learning potential and understanding, but also for enhancing their natural physical talents.  They are highly committed to advance the intellectual, emotional, physical, social and artistic capabilities of all students.   Besides athletic programs, Ocean Cliff offers home reading programs, home study programs and peer tutoring before and after school.  They also are known for their strong teacher and parent communication as well as in school performances and concerts. 

Pacific Heights Elementary
17148 26th Avenue, Surrey
Tel: 604-531-2828
Pacific Heights is committed to purposeful academic and social experiences designed to broaden students’ comprehension of the world.  These standards are met through the professional assessment and evaluation of students and an ongoing communication between parents, teachers and pupils.  Pacific Heights has a recycling program, an annual harvest day, sea aquarium school and a hot lunch program.  

Ray Shepard Elementary
1650 136th Street, Surrey
Tel: 604-531-1471 
Ray Shepherd’s students, staff, and parents work together to help students achieve individual and team success.  Their mission is to create caring, responsible and accomplished learners.  This year they are focusing on raising reading levels & problem solving skills, improving student achievements through technological skill building, improving fitness, and to motivate each student to express them self artistically. These accomplishments are met through activities such as school-wide reading testing programs, speech festivals, science fair projects, Fit for Life program, and athletic participation.  

Rosemary Heights Elementary
15516 36th Avenue, Surrey
Tel: 604-541-1613
Rosemary Heights is a well-rounded school and teaches its students to engage in learning each and every school day.  The students are invited to participate in a variety of activities throughout the school year.  Some sports are school-based and some involve meets, games or play days with other Surrey schools at various locations. Students at Rosemary Heights are also focused on constant academic improvement and success. 

Semiahmoo Trail Elementary
3040 145A Street, Surrey
Tel: 604-531-6063
Semiahmoo Trail is committed to providing a rich offering of learning opportunities in the areas of academics, athletics, and the arts including: cross-grade theme days, leadership council, well represented cross-country, basketball, volleyball, ultimate and track seasons; focus on literacy, specifically on writing skills development and assessment using the Writing Performance Standards; school-wide development of a phonemic spelling program in conjunction with our LST department.

South Meridian Elementary
16244 – 13th Street, Surrey
Tel: 604-538-7114
South Meridian has developed a safe, caring school environment emphasizing character development and positive conduct, while increasing personal and social responsibility.  They continue to acquiring knowledge, resources and strategies for curriculum implementation as set out by the current Ministry.  South Meridian is improving information technology knowledge, skills and attitudes among students and staff.  Successes include a developed Library Resource Centre, Cross-country, basketball, volleyball and track and field teams, chess team, and Spirit Club. They also have a very active and supportive PAC group; monthly meetings, craft fair, Walk to School Days, and special events.

Sunnyside Elementary
15250 28th Avenue, Surrey
Tel: 604-531-4826
Sunnyside is a very special place… a place where the staff and parents believe in working together to help our students achieve their personal best!  It works hard to create a warm and friendly place, while at the same time maintaining a high standard for student learning and behaviour. Their primary goal is to help your child be successful in school and acquire the skills necessary to be successful in life.

High Schools (A-Z)

Earl Marriott Secondary
15751 16th Avenue Surrey
Tel: 604-531-8354
Earl Marriott strives to be a full service secondary school with strong programs in academics, Fine Arts, applied skills, athletics, and French Immersion. The ethos of the school is based on an ethic of caring summed up in their mission statement "To value the most precious treasures of Earl Marriott Secondary School: the minds, hearts, and well-being of its people." Earl Marriott is well known in the province for excellence in academics, athletics, and the fine and performing arts. Other school goals are improving the academic success of all marginal students at Earl Marriott Secondary school; as well as to move students forward in their journey to be a proud Mariner by focusing on aspects of Social Responsibility as defined in our School Code of Conduct. Other recognized activities that separate Earl Marriott from other school is their Scholarship Club, theatre, global fringe festival, the duke of earl, rally car club, and environment club.

Elgin Park Secondary
13484 24th Avenue, Surrey
Tel: 604-538-6678
Elgin Park provides opportunities to its students, which enables them to develop their individual potential and acquire the knowledge, skills, and attitudes needed to become self-reliant, responsible, creative and contributing members of our dynamic democratic society.
They provide a positive supportive environment where students can become involved in a variety of rewarding educational activities. This includes classroom, co-curricular, and extra-curricular experiences, with a particular focus on leadership development. Elgin offers Advanced Placement courses in English/Literature, Calculus, French, and Human Geography. Other outstanding activities that Elgin Park is successful in are music, athletics, arts, film & TV, drama, cooperative education, clubs, and social responsibility.

Semiahmoo Secondary
1785 148th Street, Surrey
Tel: 604-536-2131
Semiahmoo offers a wide range of academic and career programs providing entrance requirements to colleges, universities, technical institutes, cooperative education programs, and apprenticeship programs.  It focuses its learning on recognized programs of studies which opens doors for our Surrey students, hones their critical thinking skills, and promotes global citizenship.  Providing enriched and accelerated education Semiahmoo supports many students going directly to post education at many universities such as UVIC, SFU, McGill, Harvard, and Oxford.   

Private Schools (A-Z)

Core Education & Fine Arts (CEFA) 
15300 Croydon Drive, South Surrey
Tel: 778-294-2646
CEFA is a full day early learning program designed for infants and children up to five years old. The enriched curriculum features a unique partnership of cure subjects, such as Reading and Math, with fine arts, including Yoga and Music, providing your child with the freedom to learn and grown through play. 

Southridge School 
2656 160th Street, Surrey
Tel: 604-535-5056
Southridge School is a K-12 independent coeducational school in South Surrey.  It is a regional school, serving from as far away as Richmond and Ladner, though most students are from the White Rock, and South Surrey area.  It is the highest rated school and provides children with an outstanding education for the future while still focusing on athletics and the arts.

Star Of The Sea
15024 24th Avenue, Surrey
Tel: 604-531-6316
Star of the Sea School provides an excellent academic program in a Christ centered environment. Parents, educators and the entire community collaboratively work together to foster spiritual, intellectual, emotional, social and physical growth in each student. There proverb is REVERENCE * RESPECT * RESPONSIBILITY. 

White Rock Christian Academy
2265 152nd Street, Surrey
Tel: 604-531-9186
White Rock Christian Academy is an independent Kindergarten to Grade 12 school.  Their mission is "to inspire and cultivate citizens of Godly character who transform their world for Christ".  At White Rock Christian Academy, we believe in education that is life giving and inspiring; that academic excellence begins with the knowledge that there is a God whose love is revealed through the lens of a microscope, the order of an equation and the fun of the playground.